Live online Session


Original audio in Spanish simultaneous translation in English

With Esther Francia


At 7:00 p.m. ( Spain Time GTM+1 )

It will only be live, we will not share the recording. It is not allowed to take photos, screenshots, audio or video recordings of the event or share part of the event under any circumstances.

With the registration you will receive the link to the ZOOM to see it live



This is how these beings who have been communicating with us through me for more than twenty years present themselves:

“… We are part of a great support team for the Human Being and our job is to help transform all those emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, pain and sadness that keep you separated from Love and make you sick. This is our greatest mission: to nourish the heart, because Love is the great remedy for all your ills."


What is a pipeline?

We call Channeling the ability that some people have to become a vehicle for transmitting entities or beings from the spiritual world.

These beings want to give us the opportunity to be in direct contact with them through me.

I have the ability to enter a state of deep relaxation that allows these beings to contact us through me.

I can't remember anything that happens during the channelings. It is what is usually called "a pure channel" and I cannot project content that belongs to my own mind.

The beings that speak through me are beings full of love, who want to help us, offering us their support, their love, their understanding, and their advice. They know our struggles, our doubts, our fears, the situations we are experiencing, and they also know our joys, our virtues, our gifts and our human potential. We verify that our prayers are heard, that we are loved and that we are not alone during the pilgrimage of our lives.

The energy and words that they direct to the group in general have the same effect as if they speak to you individually. His words heal, his energy produces energetic changes that are not invisible to our eyes, and our internal doubts find their answer in the message he transmits to the entire group.

The changes it causes in us not only act on a physical level, but also on an internal level, causing deep feelings and understandings to emerge that favor our growth and human development.

The best disposition to attend a session is to come with an open heart, without specific expectations and willing to receive and nourish yourself with what they consider you need at this moment in our lives.

It really is a privilege, not a right, that these beings give us their love, their attention and are willing to help us. It is nice to have this understanding to approach with an open heart, without demanding or challenging attitudes.


Director of the Ataraxia Institute, creator of the Ataraxia method and president of the European Ataraxia Association.

In 1990, with the birth of my son, I began to delve into the spiritual and personal world, but it was not until 1998 when I dared to practice professionally. A series of drastic and difficult situations made me aware of my true vocation and pushed me to create my own path. You already know that when we do not make a decision, life makes it for us... It was then that I let that gift emerge from within me, that capacity that is in my essence and that I had hidden for a long time for fear of being judged, even denying it. because I don't understand it myself.

During these years I have devoted time and effort to reaching out to medical institutions to build bridges of dialogue. This joint investigation has produced surprising results on the efficacy of Ataraxia to resolve certain pathologies that become chronic with conventional medicine. And that is why both at the Institute and in our courses we have the collaboration and advice of a medical team.

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